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THM2G Vision

At the Harman Media and Marketing Group, we believe in the success of our clients; every client’s dream becomes ours as we work together to ensure long term success through collaboration, relationship building, and mutual respect. Together we can achieve growth as each client becomes an integral part of our community and economy.

About Our Founding

Candy Harman-Langley

Candy Harman began her career with an advertising agency specializing in Co-op in 1982. She quickly moved through the ranks and was promoted to Junior Vice President of Sales. Shortly after she moved to Los Angeles, CA to take a position in media sales, which turned out to be invaluable to her career.

As a single mom with two kids, she eventually decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of LA to pursue media sales in Tampa, FL. She began her own advertising agency, the Harman Media and Marketing Group in 1998 and quickly elevated the business to a national company specializing in packaged goods.

Her team developed brand strategies and identities for new product launches and worked with large companies to increase market share and raise their Brand Marketing Indexes.

Candy’s advertising agency was highlighted in many national magazines in newspapers and was considered a pioneer of co-branding.

In 2001, Candy’s life took a difficult turn when her daughter was hit by a car and suffered life altering injuries. Candy decided to close the doors to her agency and focus on her family; her top priority being the well-being of her daughter.

In 2002, Candy returned to the workforce at her husband’s business, a small company that provided installation work for DTV and Dish Network. Within a few years Candy grew the company to be the largest fulfillment company in the United States for Satellite installations. This too would be invaluable to her understanding of operations.

Candy’s life transitioned again in 2011, when she decided to divorce her husband and begin a new life with her daughter in Colorado Springs, CO. In a quest to simplify her world, she took a position in media sales. But, once again, she saw a need for an agency to help small to medium sized businesses in the Colorado Springs and Denver Metro areas. She reopened the Harman Media and Marketing Group in 2017.  Candy also decided to marry again and lives with her husband, Kevin in Florissant, CO.

In 2019 Candy partnered with Kevin Davis and Eric Marton and now our story continues!

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