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What Is Copywriting And Why Does It Matter?

Too few business owners are familiar with the ins and outs of copywriting. To put it mildly, copywriting is not just the written content of your ads, blogs, and web pages. Copywriting is the voice of your business.

What will your business’s voice sound like? Will it be creative, engaging, and persuasive? Or will it shout grammatical errors in a monotone voice? We certainly don’t recommend the latter. That’s why we always have a team of passionate, professional copywriters, all of whom have years of experience in writing copy that sells.

Why THM2G Copywriters?

Choosing the right copywriter can be just as stressful as writing the copy yourself. Every writer will have a different tone and style, most of which won’t be a great fit for your business. Not to mention, freelance copywriters can charge up to $200 per hour. But at THM2G, we believe that great copy shouldn’t be so inaccessible. That’s why our copywriting services are as affordable as they are effective. All of our copywriters have experience in crafting a wide range of deliverables for digital services (such as landing pages, SEO, online ads, and email chains). Below are just a few of the perks our copywriters can provide:

Web Content Often times, your website acts as your business’s first impression. And just like all first impressions, you want yours to be a good one. Our copywriters have the skills and the know-how to introduce your company with style and close the deal with finesse. And while they’re at it, our professional web designers can give your website a stunning design that will do you business and your brand-new web copy justice.

SEO The success of your business depends on search engine optimization (SEO), and no one understands that better than our copywriters. From keyword placement, hashtag optimization, you name it — our pros will make it easy for your customers to find you.

Social Media — Social media is one of the most underrated marketing platforms out there. And yet, it harbors more potential than you realize, especially when your posts are being written by professional copywriters. Our copywriters are trained in disruptive marketing tactics, turning simple social media posts into daily targeted ads.  All social media posts are optimized with relevant, trending hashtags for maximum exposure. You can even take advantage of our professional photography services to polish up your business profile with crisp new photos.

Search Ads When you’re looking to boost your exposure, paid search ads are a great way to go. So when it comes to the ad copy, our copywriters can turn a bland brand awareness ad into a fully optimized and engaging themed campaign. Then our PPC professionals will help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Email Chains Email marketing is an affordable, low-risk marketing medium. Not only is it an easier way to keep track of your leads, it’s also an easier way to snag loyal customers — especially when a professional copywriter is doing the persuading.

No More Writing For You No doubt, this perk is surely the most appealing. When you employ the help of our copywriters, you’ll never have to write another piece of copy again. No more stress. No more blank-page-syndrome. No more waiting on those last bits of copy. Just quality writing for quality results.

Make a statement that’s worth remembering. Our professional copywriters will make sure your target market knows your message and knows your brand. Chat with us today to start making your words count!

Content Is King

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Why Settle For Average Copy?

Digital CopywritingWe hear you. Writing copy can be stressful, and hiring writers can be just as nerve-wracking. And when that month-long project is finally finished, it’s hard not to just throw your hands up and say, “good enough!” But you shouldn’t have to settle for “good enough” copy. We at THM2G believe that the voice of your business should be as strong as the people who run your business.

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