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Data Analytics

Nowadays, data drives everything — especially your business. There’s a reason all great business owners are so well-versed in Google Analytics, and it has to do with three simple words: Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Without having a good handle on the fundamentals of data analytics, it would be next to impossible to meet your CRM goals.

Why Is Data So Important?

Data-driven marketing works wonders for your ROI (Return on Investment) in a variety of ways, and it’s full of valuable insights that will transform the way you do business. Think about it: Every digital movement leaves behind a data footprint. Google searches, credit card transactions, smart phone operations — all of these actions provide valuable pieces of information.  Data analysts transform this data into tailored marketing strategies to expand your business.  Below are just a few of the perks you can expect from a strong analytics strategy:

Manage Exposure A good analytics strategy makes it easier for your customers to locate your business online.

Utilize Customer Feedback Client data leads to tangible feedback that you can use to evolve your business.

Keep Your Customers Interested See where customers lose interest in the buying process, and find out how truly effective your website is.

Create Targeted, Personable Ads — Learn from your client data and find out what makes your target audience tick. Then, you can create targeted ads that speak to your audience.  

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Data Analytics and Analysis

Discuss Your Data Analytic Goals.

No Data, No Results

Data Analytics

If you’re like most successful business owners, then you’re just as excited about data as we are! But you may not have the time, the know-how, or the resources to tackle analytics on your own. So naturally, you’re thinking about hiring a professional — which is a great decision! Good on you!

A word of caution: When it comes to data analytics, most marketing firms and freelance data analysts only give you what you paid for. If you want data analytics, they’ll only give you data analytics. And when you remember that digital marketing is a collaborative effort, you’ll see how flawed this strategy is.

Our Data-Driven Philosophy

We at THM2G believe that you should never have to settle for limited services and tunnel-vision-strategies. Your business deserves the very best results. That’s why our team of specialists will work together to develop a strategy for your business that’s more than just data-deep. We’ll start by identify and managing your Google Analytics goals for Return on Investment (ROI) through form submissions, phone calls and more. And then comes the fun part that most data analysts won’t be able to offer you:

The dynamic strategy.

When you pair our Analytics service with our Paid Search capabilities, we can import your goals to track conversions from Paid Search. Our strategy revolutionizes collected data. Our expert data analysts will help you make informed decisions, send messages that are targeted exclusively to your target market, and measure your ROI along the way.

We care about your long-term success. Our team of specialists will help you determine where your marketing dollars will gain the best return and help you maximize your ROI. We want you to get the most out of your money, and our data analysts and PPC experts are here to make sure that happens. With both analytics and paid search on your side, you’ll have a seamless, streamlined strategy that works from every angle.

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THM2G can help with Data Analytics.