Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs is full of fun things to do and classic Colorado scenery. But one of the most popular parks in COS is Garden of the Gods. In fact, Garden of the Gods is arguably one of the best natural monuments in all of Colorado. With popular rock features such as “Kissing Camels” and “Balance Rock”, Garden of the Gods is known across the country for its exotic red rock terrain. That’s why we’re so surprised when we speak with clients who have never been to the park. As a Colorado Springs-based advertising agency, The Harman Marketing & Media Group is only a few minutes away from Garden of the Gods, and all of our team members are huge fans of the park. We often find ourselves recommending the park to anyone who has never visited. So we’ve put together this list of popular things to do at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs!


Driving through Garden of the Gods is a relaxing experience. Roads wind through the best parts of the park, so you’ll be able to enjoy an up-close and personal view of the park without ever having to step out of your car! Whether you’re hopping from parking lot to parking lot or are just passing through, you’ll be able to see more sights from your car than you would be able to on-foot. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting tired by the end of the trip!


Garden of the Gods is filled with a variety of hiking paths. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or are just looking for a leisurely nature stroll, Garden of the Gods will have the perfect hiking path for you. Trek through woods, hop across the boulder fields, or stick to the designated walking paths. Either way, you’ll love taking in the classic Colorado scenery.

Rock Climbing  

Garden of the Gods is the go-to spot for seasoned climbers. Thanks to its exotic red rock terrain, the challenging cliffs offer climbers stunning views and unique climbing grounds. Whether you’re a pro climber or a beginner, Garden of the Gods will have a great climbing spot for you. However, it is advised that you do not attempt to climb by yourself. So grab some of your fellow climbing friends and take on the exotic cliffs at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs!

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Experience Garden of the Gods Today!

Garden of the Gods is truly a sight to behold. We’re all huge fans of the park here at The Harman Marketing & Media Group, and we’re always excited to recommend Garden of the Gods to our clients and fellow community members. If you’ve never experienced the stunning terrains at Garden of the Gods, then you’re missing out! Grab your friends and loved ones, and experience the park today! Whether you’re hiking, climbing, or just driving through, you’ll love the exotic red rocks and classic Colorado scenery.

Visit Garden of the Gods today, and tell them that The Harman Marketing & Media Group sent you!   

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