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Images and Designs

Like what you see? So did our clients. Below are some of our best images and designs, all of which were created with care by yours truly.

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Event Branding and Design

2019 Integrity Charitable Trust Golf Tournament marketing campaign. 8.5×11 fliers, 11×17 and drive-thru posters, Facebook posts and calendar event posts, email headers, twitter posts, statement images.

Logo Design

THM2G can help you create the logo you invision for your business and brand. Below are a few of our latest logo designs for our clients. We can help by creating a vector logo with the proper PMS Pantone colors for online and print.

Branding  and Branding Refresh

THM2G can help you either create a new brand or completely refresh your existing brand.

Pribila Law recently rebrand with a new color palette that’s more web-friendly, plus simple solid colors for easy black and white transition.


Image Gallery


Image Gallery

Other examples of the Pribila Law refresh

New Business Card Design

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Single Color Logo

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Google Ads Display Design

THM2G can create branded graphics for your business or event. Below are just some examples of a few of the display sizes for Google Display Campaigns.

Monthly Branding

THM2G’s goal is to have your branding stand out from the competition and be uniform. We can help by creating monthly display packages that will have your entire online presence be uniform – from your website banners, to Social Media Cover Photos and Posts, Google Display Ads to even your monthly email campaigns. We have many more examples of the complete packages we have put together for clients.

Monthly Email and Marketing Coupon Design

At THM2G we can help you start to build your client email list and design a monthly newsletter or coupons for your clients directly in your CRM or email system such as Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Other Design Examples