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Lead Generation Funnels

Sales Funnels — They Work

Period. Now, as yourself this: How much do you really know about lead generation and sales funnels? If you hesitated even for a moment, then don’t worry. Our experts are here to help. All THM2G specialists are trained in the art of lead generation, and they have the skills and the know-how to put an effective sales funnel in place.

How A Sales Funnel Can Help

We all know how important lead generation is, but most business owners are not familiar with the ins and outs of a successful sales funnel. In digital marketing, a proper sales funnel looks something like this:

1). At the top of the sales funnel is “awareness”. After all, people have to become aware of your business before they can buy.

2). Just below “awareness” is “interest”. This is when your customers start to develop interest in what you have to offer. During this process of the lead funnel, it’s important to establish brand trust and a positive relationship with your customers to ensure that they will come to you for the product or service, and not your competitors.

3). Then comes “consideration”. Your customers are interested, but they haven’t quite made up their minds. During this stage, it’s important to give them a little nudge with some tailored emails and special offers.

4). If “consideration” has been acted upon appropriately, then “intent” is the next rung of the sales funnel. Your customers have almost made up their minds, and they have your product or service in their shopping carts. Now is the time to sweeten the deal even more so they don’t get away!

5). “Evaluation” is the next step. Your customers are ready to commit to the sale, but they need to do one last comparison between you and your competitors to make sure they’re truly getting the best deal. Nurturing the sale is crucial here. Don’t let your competitors snatch them away!

6).  And finally, if the needs of all of the previous stages have been met, your customers will arrive at the “purchase” phase. Your customer has chosen your services over those of your competitors. Congratulations! If the experience was positive for your customers, then you’re likely to get referrals!

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Sales Funnels

Discuss Your Sales Funnel Goals.

Managing your sales funnel is a delicate balance, but it’s an important part of successful lead generation. Too many businesses miss out on valuable sales because their sales funnels are missing rungs. That’s why all of our experts are so passionate about lead generation and proper sales funnels.

Your Sales Funnel (With A THM2G Twist)

Lead Magnet

At THM2G, all of our experts are specialists in lead generation and sales funnel creation. We’ll make sure that your business meets and greets your customers at every level of the sales funnel. Our graphic designers will snatch the attention of your customers with stunning and informative graphics. Our web designers will streamline the buying process. Our copywriters will sweeten the deal at every turn. And when the sale has ben closed, we’ll all celebrate with you. Give us a call today and start getting the most out of your sales funnel!

Don’t forget THM2G can also help you with your Copywriting.

THM2G can help with Lead Generation Funnels .