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Erica Laurich

Partner | Account Management

Erica Laurich first began her advertising career in 2005. She had just “fallen” into the radio industry after responding to an intriguing Job Fair ad in the local newspaper: “Local Account Executive Wanted – Sales.” Before she knew it, she was stepping into her exciting new career straight out of college. Beginning at KKCS, 101.9 FM in Colorado Springs, Erica learned the “radio 101” ropes. She quickly learned how to talk to local business owners about their marketing and advertising goals, and she had plenty of fun along the way!

As her hunger for advertising grew, she began to seek more and more resources for her clients. This led her to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (now known as iHeart Media) in 2006. Erica was quickly promoted from Local Account Executive to Regional Sales Manager, and over the years, she had the privilege of working with big-name podcast hosts, personalities, and influencers. She was thrilled to help hundreds of clients grow through radio broadcasting, social engagement, digital advertising, live concerts, and events.

Several years later, Erica would start to feel that familiar itch again. She wanted more and more ways to help her clients grow their businesses. This desire is what led her to The Harman Media & Marketing Group. At a full-service marketing agency, Erica would have plenty of room to spread her wings and share her talents with her fellow Coloradans!

Here at the Harman Media & Marketing Group, Erica does what she does best: helping people run and expand their businesses. She offers a 360-degree marketing strategy that grips target audiences from multiple platforms and channels. Erica specializes in reaching consumers where they are spending their time, and she’s prepared to help you identify and capture your ideal audience!