The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort

We are often surprised when we hear some of our clients and fellow community members say that they’ve never been to the Broadmoor. As a Colorado Springs-based marketing firm, The Harman Marketing & Media Group is familiar with some of the best parts of COS. This luxury resort is certainly high up on our list, and we’re all huge fans of this little slice of luxury in Colorado Springs. The Broadmoor is a luxury hotel and resort right here in COS, and it’s full of fun, family-friendly activities and excursions. So we’ve put together this list of four of the best things to do at the Broadmoor!

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Stay at the Hotel

Whether it’s for a night or for a weekend, you’ll love staying at this luxury resort and hotel. With charming aesthetics and five-star service, you can expect only the best while visiting the Broadmoor. Enjoy an upscale dining experience, and treat yourself to a few luxury spa treatments while you’re at it, including Swedish massages, hydrotherapy, facials, and even invigorating scalp treatments.

Challenge Yourself at the Golf Courses

If you’re a seasoned golfer, then you’ll definitely want to test your skills at the Broadmoor’s upscale golf course. Surrounded by classic Colorado scenery, the golf course at this gorgeous resort is a sought-after location for golfers everywhere. Challenge your friends to some 18 holes, and see who will secure the official bragging rights for having dominated the resort’s challenging courses!

Go Hiking or Rock Climbing

Most people are surprised to discover that the Broadmoor has mountain paths nearby. But this resort actually has some of the most spectacular mountain paths and cliffs in all of Colorado! Bring your friends and loved ones, and set out on a hiking or rock climbing adventure! You can even speak with a guide ahead of time, and they’ll help you choose the best hiking or rock climbing route for your skill level and preferences.

Schedule a Horseback Riding Tour

If you’re a fan of horseback riding, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience a horseback riding adventure at the Broadmoor! Horseback riding is a great way to admire some of the best parts of this resort without ever having to worry about your feet getting tired. Schedule a horseback riding tour today, and let an experienced guide lead you through the beautiful Broadmoor from atop a beautiful horse!

Visit the Broadmoor Today, and Experience its Beauty for Yourself!

We’re all huge fans of the Broadmoor here at The Harman Marketing & Media Group, and we’re always excited to recommend this luxury hotel and resort to friends, clients, and fellow community members who have never experienced it for themselves. But don’t just take our word for it! Why not experience it for yourself? Schedule a stay at the Broadmoor hotel, challenge yourself at the golf courses, experience a horseback riding tour, or venture out on an unforgettable hiking or rock climbing adventure. See for yourself what this resort has to offer, and be sure to tell them that The Harman Marketing & Media Group sent you!

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