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THM2G team is proud of the extensive earned media attention we landed for our client, Springs Dentistry, on ABC TV affiliate KRDO, Mountain Country Radio and El Paso County and Fountain Valley News, all linked below:  

Thm2G Is Proud Of The Extensive Tv, Radio And Newspaper Attention We Landed For Our Client, Springs Dentistry

Springs Dentistry

Thm2G Is Proud Of The Extensive Tv, Radio And Newspaper Attention We Landed For Our Client, Springs DentistryLong time Colorado Springs client, Springs Dentistry, a top dental choice for area families for over 25 years, celebrates veterans and youth of the Pikes Peak region with two annual special events delivering no-cost dental care.

This year, the annual Freedom Day directly helped 25 local veterans with no-cost dental care on Oct. 29. Through their Smiles for Kids event, 20 local youth received no-cost dental care on Nov. 7.

“Our team is incredibly grateful for the contributions of those who’ve served and their families,” said Dr. John Lydiatt, co-owner and general dentist. “Freedom Day is an immensely personal way for everyone at Springs Dentistry to directly thank our veterans.”

Long respected for preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental care in the Pikes Peak region, Springs Dentistry is named a, “Best in the Springs,” business for seven consecutive years by the Gazette, was quick to roll-out COVID-safe dental procedures, and delivers social impact efforts that have helped hundreds in the local area.

“This is an especially tough year for many families. Through our, ‘Smiles for Kids,’ event, we’re able to help a lot of kids and give back to our community,” said Dr. Abigail Nye, general dentist. “I feel fortunate to be a part of a team that values community outreach and participates in these events.”

In 2019, Springs Dentistry provided free dental care for 12 Gold Star children who each lost a parent in combat service to the nation. “When we hear about tragic loss, our community goes through a time of shock and grief,” said Dr. Jessica Duru, co-owner and general dentist. “It’s important to recognize families who have sacrificed so much, and then honor them however we can.”

Beyond Freedom Day and Smiles for Kids events, the 26-person team provides care to members of the hard to serve community throughout the year. Springs Dentistry donated nearly $100K in social impact through donated dental care in 2019.

Springs Dentistry is located at 6665 Delmonico Dr Suite C, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. Learn more at: springsdentistry.com, and follow them on Facebook at: @SpringsDentistry

Thm2G Is Proud Of The Extensive Tv, Radio And Newspaper Attention We Landed For Our Client, Springs DentistrySprings Dentistry prime time on KRDO:

Springs Dentistry with top placement in the El Paso County & Fountain Valley News:

Springs Dentistry live on Mountain Country Radio:
Such a fun live appearance Oct 22 on Mountain Country Radio with Dave West and Johnny Joy! Dr. Jessica Duru shared all the exciting news about Springs Dentistry support of Veterans, local youth and more – and even took a starring role in the, “The Impossible Question,” segment! Listen to the show here.