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What are Keywords?

Interested in Digital Marketing and SEO? Then You May Be Wondering, “What are Keywords?”

If you’ve been looking into digital marketing services and SEO strategies to boost your website traffic, then chances are, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about “keywords”. Maybe you’ve heard about keywords before, or maybe you’re wondering, “what are keywords, and do they really matter?” These are all valid questions. After all, you’re a business owner — not a digital marketing specialist! If you ask us, you shouldn’t have to be a digital marketing specialist just to understand the marketing services you’re investing in! That’s why we’re here to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns!

The Harman Marketing & Media Group is a team of digital marketing specialists based in Colorado Springs. We’re passionate about equipping businesses with the tools and the knowledge that they’ll need to be successful in today’s competitive digital marketplace. So let’s chat about SEO and how it works. First, we’ll answer the question, “what are keywords?” Then, we’ll talk about how SEO can help your business grow, and we’ll also discuss some of the best options available to you. 

So What are Keywords, and What Do They Have to Do with SEO?

So what are keywords, anyway? What do they have to do with digital marketing and SEO? Why are keywords so important? To put it simply, keywords are specific words or phrases that consumers type into Google when they are searching for a particular product or service on the internet. “Relevant” keywords are used in SEO strategies when optimizing web pages and posts. Relevant keywords are phrases that mirror the phrases that your target audience is typing into Google when they are searching for a product or service that is similar to yours. 

SEO specialists use keywords by implementing those relevant keywords into your website pages and posts. By doing so, this increases the chances that your target audience will land on your website after they’ve typed exact or similar keywords into Google. So in other words, keywords play a huge roll in boosting your website’s visibility and conversion rates! The more strategic you are with your keywords, the higher your content score on Google will be. The higher your content score, the higher your website’s visibility. The higher your visibility, the more people are finding you on Google and potentially converting into loyal customers.

Interested in SEO Services? Talk to an SEO Specialist for Free! 

If you’re interested in growing your business through digital means, then SEO may be the perfect strategy for you. Maybe you still have questions, and maybe you’re still wondering, “what are keywords in simpler terms and how do they work?” Either way, we’re here to answer all of your questions! Here at THM2G, our digital marketing specialists can help you develop the perfect digital marketing strategy for your wants, needs, budget, and goals. Claim your free digital marketing consultation, and speak with an SEO specialist at THM2G today!