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Social Media Management

Social Media Management 

Too many business owners roll their eyes at the idea of social media marketing. That means too many businesses are excluding a large chunk of their target market.

If social media marketing isn’t already a part of your marketing strategy, then it should be. Why? Because your competitors are already reaping the benefits of social media marketing. Can you really afford to fall behind?

We hear you. It’s not that you want to fall behind. You just don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau with your current social media pages. Maybe you’re new to social media altogether. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to post on a daily basis. Either way, our social media experts are here to boost your engagement and start turning those followers into loyal fans of your business.

Why Social Media?

When it comes to cost-effective advertising, social media is the marketing platform of choice. It costs absolutely nothing to post on social media, and it costs very little to “boost” any given post to reach a wider audience. Even better, social media is a quick and easy way to connect with your target market on a different level (because let’s face it — if they use the internet, then they use social media). And yet, too few businesses are seizing the full potential of their business profiles.

If you ask us, that’s just a waste of free brand exposure and perfectly good traffic.

But we get it. Business owners tend to shy away from social media because it requires a tremendous amount of attention and upkeep. Fortunately, that’s where our social media experts can help.

How We Can Help

Our specialists have years of experience in establishing strong, successful social media presences. Not only are they constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest social media strategies and innovations, they’re also highly trained in disruptive marketing tactics. So your social media posts won’t just reach your audience. They’ll speak to your audience.

Our social media specialists will start by updating all of your existing social media platforms, matching your profiles to the latest greatest trends and algorithms. Your polished profiles will also reflect your branding across the board, presenting a consistent message to your followers across all platforms. They’ll also work with you to develop a social media calendar, ensuring that all future posting times and concepts adhere to your business’s unique needs. Then comes the fun part:


Engagement is the key to growth. The more your followers interact with your business profiles, they more likely they are to become loyal customers. With the help of our social media experts’ expertise, your business will finally make it over that plateau, and you’ll finally start getting the results you deserve.

Your business won’t just be a seen as a “business” anymore. Your business will be seen as an “influencer”.

Ready to stop stressing about your social media presence? Chat with one of our social media experts today! We promise you’ll never have to worry about hashtags ever again.

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Discuss Your Social Media Goals.

It’s Time To Be Your Own Influencer

It’s time to jump into the social media marketing game. And our experts are here to make sure that happens. From content generation to page monitoring and maintenance, we at THM2G will boost your digital presence while protecting your business’s reputation. When you partner with THM2G for all of your social media marketing needs, you can expect the following benefits from our trained specialists:

  • Daily social media monitoring (comments, reviews, messages, etc.)
  • Weekly social media posts
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Professional photography (as needed)
  • Custom graphics and displays (as needed)
  • Hashtag optimization
  • Brand and theme consistency
  • Industry-related content
  • Monthly social media reports (engagement, follower count, top performing posts, etc.)
  • More business than you were probably expecting

Give us a call today, and start making social media work for you!

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THM2G can help with Social Media Engagement.